Zoo Doodles. (Zoodles?)

A few weeks back I had some time to kill and just happened to be right near the Denver Zoo. Armed with sketchbooks and the new water-soluble colored pencils I was itching to try out, I bought myself a ticket and ventured forth to find some likely subjects.

As you can see from the sketch below, everyone looked a little bored. Or maybe they were just relaxed by the balmy spring sunshine?

Sketch of wild horse and camel at the Denver Zoo

Less exotic species were still fair game for my sketchbook. Here is a family of wild primates who were busy observing other wild primates:

Apes observing monkeys at the Denver Zoo

The Okapi spent most of their time eating, but didn’t seem to mind posing too much. They had pretty nice digs, which meant that they were rather far away from the nosy humans, but I did my best to get some detail in.

Drawing of Okapi grazing at the Denver ZooThese African penguins were full of energy. A little girl was using a mirror to reflect a spot of light into their pen, which resulted in a frenzy of excitement as the penguins chased the light around their pond as though it were a fish. (They were probably sorely disappointed that it was *not* a fish.)

African penguins doing the penguin thingEventually it was time to leave and go back to my own habitat, but I couldn’t depart without sketching this guy. He was universally adored. He certainly seemed utterly satisfied with life as he dozed in his little mud puddle. Whatever the secret to happiness is, I believe hippos have found it.

A happy hippo

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