What I’ve Been Doing

In lieu of the weekly illustrations I’ve been working on a story of my own that I’m developing into a dummy book, with full-sized sketches showing where the text would go and so forth, and maybe a few finished paintings as samples.

I first got the idea for the story when I moved to Berlin. I sat with a cup of coffee on a drizzly November day and watched an impromptu dramatic performance by an assortment of animals on the street. They were all the sorts of animals that we don’t usually pay much attention to: sparrows and pigeons, mice and magpies. I made some illustrations for the story and pieced them together into booklets to serve as makeshift gifts for people. In the process I realized that storybooks are harder to make than they seem, and if I were to ever make a decent project out of it, I would have to start at the beginning.

Now a year and a half later or so I’ve decided it’s time to break out the old drafts and storyboards and give it another go. I’ll post more as it progresses. For the moment this is the most visual thing I have to show you:

Truth be told, telling a simple yet compelling story is incredibly difficult. I’ll post more as the project progresses.

The Progress Continues
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