Wedding Invitations

I haven’t yet shared the design for my wedding invitations, and now that the chaos is over it seemed like a good time to post them. Designing unique wedding invitations was one of my favorite challenges of the wedding planning process. It all started with the save-the dates, where we met a few characters:

(There are two images here because we had bilingual invitations to accommodate anglophone and francophone guests, and in honor of my husband’s Quebecois heritage.)

The animal characters from the save-the-date cards attended the wedding as well, as can be seen in the invitation itself, enjoying the ceremony on a sunny day and dancing the summer night away:

Unfortunately, the wedding didn’t actually turn out as the illustrations anticipate. It turned out more like this:

It was a little more exciting than we were anticipating. The tent was accidentally staked through both the main gas and electric lines of the venue (resulting in the fire department coming and us having no power, water or gas before the wedding.) On the wedding day Colorado unleashed a severe electrical storm and a torrent of hail just after our ceremony got going. This is one of my favorite photos of people fleeing from the tempest, as captured by our awesome photographer Jamie:

But hey, it’s all good. The utility company was quick to dig six-foot-deep holes and repair the damage right before the wedding, so we were able to have electricity and running water. Happily, no one was hit by lightning. We had a tent, so we were able to start the ceremony over again. And even if no one could hear our ceremony because of the deafening thunder outside, well, we still had big smiles, and we still managed to succeed in the goal of getting married. Woohoo!



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