The Progress Continues

Hello! You still here?

(crickets chirping…)

Um yes, I suppose it has been a while. I’ve been busy! Partly because I have a day job, one of those necessities for the so-called “pre-published” like me, and partly because I’ve been working on my dummy book. For those who don’t know, a dummy book is a sketched mock-up of a picture book. It’s kind of the illustrator version of a manuscript. My dummy tells the story of a mouse, a pigeon, and a glorious sandwich.

I’ve finished the “writing a hopefully cohesive plot with hopefully interesting characters” part, and worked out the “storyboard of little illegible scribbles that are hopefully well paced.”

I read in a book that the great Howard Pyle used to do fifty thumbnail sketches for every illustration he made, in order to make sure that the composition was right. FIFTY. That would mean that, with 36 pages or so, I’d be drawing 1800 of them. That was a little too much dedication for me, considering I want to finish by July 30th, so I did two. (Sometimes three.) And then I arranged my “winners” on cards so I could easily shuffle everything around.

Like this: (pages 6-23)
The storyboard for my dummy book about a mouse, a pigeon and a glorious sandwich.

My current goal is to take each of these small sketches and work it into a more developed drawing. In particular I’m trying to figure out any remaining issues of composition and perspective. I know I have a long way to go from this first attempt at a picture book to true storytelling competence, but so far it’s been a great learning opportunity and I’m looking forward to having it critiqued at the SCBWI Conference in August.


SCBWI LA Conference 2010
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    it looks great

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