the park got a little wild

The park has become increasingly lush recently, to the point of resembling the sort of overgrown english country garden that I imagine exists in the english countryside. The grass is now so tall that small dogs can easily disappear inside of it, and the flower beds have become tangles of roses, thistles and vines.

Not everyone seems to be pleased by the state of the park, however, because when I was walking the dog today I noticed a GARDENING CREW, hacking and trimming away, chopping all the beautiful weeds until everything is orderly and boring. Humph.

Of course, the park couldn’t all be tackled at once so I grabbed a camera to document the profligacy before it disappeared.

It’s so nice to have a short depth of field sometimes…

There was some sort of bee visiting these flowers, but she was too quick for me and escaped from the picture.

Now why would you look at something like this and think “this should be mowed”?

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