The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

Watercolor illustration of a woman using a fantastical machine, for Rafflecopter, by Jessica Lanan

"Technology," watercolor. For, 2014.

Based on my 150 followers on Instagram, you could say that I’m kiiind of a big deal on social media. Wait, that’s not a lot of followers? What are you trying to say?

Okay, so perhaps I’m not an expert. There are people who tweet circles around me. Some people are so good at using social media that they have become famous for it. But this wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t use it to ramble on about things that I may, or may not, know anything about. So here the top five social media mistakes that I make see out there on the internet:

Mistake #1: Posting inconsistently
Do, or do not. There is no “Sort-of, every six months when I feel like it, and then I post a gazillion things all at once.” Your followers will unsubscribe. Understandably. (By the way, I am guilty as charged.)

Mistake #2: Posting the same thing everywhere
Does anyone really want to see the same picture on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest? I’ll tell you: no, they do not. Keep each stream different and distinct. Pick a theme. You know, something like “pictures of my pug go on Instagram, Pinterest is for photos of every burrito I’ve ever eaten, sketches go on Facebook…”

Mistake #3: Being a wallflower
Participate in conversations. This is especially important on twitter. Otherwise, why bother being on Twitter? I’ve watched more than one #kidlitchat discussion without joining in. Useless.

Mistake #4: Unabashed braggery
No one needs to see your royalty check. “Humblebrags” are even worse. If you find yourself typing words like “can’t believe I just spilled coffee on my new 6-figure contract. #SuchAKlutz #IHateMondays,” just… think of the children. And then press “delete.”

Mistake #5: Forgetting your audience
What do they want to see? No one wants to follow someone who does nothing but self-promote. (Unless that person is self-promoting by posting photos of their “self” in skimpy bikinis. That seems to be an outlier. But that’s another conversation for another day.) Your promotions are fine, when sandwiched between useful and interesting content.

What works for your social media feeds? What doesn’t? What annoys the heck out of you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. by K. Reilly on February 2, 2016  3:33 pm Reply

    I like your new sketches - the boat in the sky, the tent.

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