Here’s an illustration from a series I’ve been working on for Mocavo.com. I had to change the color of the text in this one because a Texan I know informed me that it was the team color of one of the big rival college sports teams. Even with the changes, the color is still rather close to “burnt orange,” but hopefully the Texans out there will be satisfied to know that I offer no allegiance to any Texan football teams. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who knows less about American football than I do!


A big thank you to Blaine for noticing that the flag was actually that of Argentina. Sorry, Texas! Here’s your flag done right:

References and notes:

  • Mounted Cowboy in Chaps with Race Horse, by Frederic Remington, circa 1908. Public domain by copyright expiration.
  • The Alamo, Etching by Robert Shaw, ca. 1857. Source: Engraved Prints of Texas: 1554-1900 by Mavis Parrot Kelsey, Robin Brandt Hutchison. From the Kelsey Illustrators Print Collection, Cushing Memorial and Archives, Texas A&M University. Public domain by copyright expiration.
  • This work was created for Mocavo, inc, which holds all rights to the image and has generously allowed me to post for non-commercial promotional purposes only.
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  1. by Blaine Burleson on November 30, 2018  10:13 pm Reply

    Jess it was so nice I found this and wanted to hanging it up on my wall. Then I looked at it semi close and that is not the Texas flag. That is the Chile flag. The Texas flag does not have the red going east to west the whole way because the blue goes north to south the whole way.

    • by Jess on November 30, 2018  11:19 pm Reply

      By George, you're right! I had no idea that the two were so similar. But nothing that a little Photoshop can't fix.

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