Ten years in the making

On a dreary, gray day in Berlin in 2008, I decided that I wanted to become a children’s book creator. It’s been ten years since that day, and three years since I started working on the book that will be my first as a published author. This book took me nearly 20 rounds of revisions, a dozen failed paintings, lots of late nights and plenty of dark days when I felt like giving up. Perseverance won the day, and my art is now in the hands of UPS and Simon & Schuster. The future is for you readers to decide.

No matter what the world may think of my book when it is published, I’m proud of this accomplishment and  grateful that it has already led to so many other opportunities, including finding my wonderful agent, Ed Maxwell, and several projects that rose like the phoenix from the ashes of rejection.

I can’t wait to share my book with the world. I hope it means something to someone out there, just as it has meant something to me.

Jessica Lanan holds the box containing final art for her first book as an author.

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