Singles Awareness Day

Posted on Feb 14, 2013 in Blog, Sketches

Happy Valentine’s Day! This watercolor valentine goes out to all of the socially awkward engineering students I see at work every day. (Although they don’t generally wear tweed coats and bow ties.)

Really he looks more like a hipster than a nerd.

Character Sketches

Posted on Feb 12, 2012 in Blog, Sketches

Just for fun, here are some sketches of one of the characters from the story I’m currently writing. I’m trying to get to know my characters a little better, and what better way than to picture them as they go about their day.

At the moment, he’s pretty bored with his summer vacation, but he’ll soon be going on a pretty exciting trip (he just doesn’t know it yet!)

I'm getting to know the main character for a new book I'm writing by drawing him in various posesI’m still trying to figure out certain details, like what his favorite color is, what food item he absolutely cannot stand (probably mushrooms), and what he ought to wear. He probably needs some kind of dorky hat that his mom will force him to wear during the trip so that he doesn’t get sunburned.

If you’re wondering about the numbers on the right, these are the proportions I’m using to keep him looking consistent. Since he’s a kid, his height is equivalent to six heads. (If he were a grown-up, I’d give him longer limbs by measuring him 7.5 or 8 heads tall.)