static electricity


Happy autumnal equinox, everyone!

Though it was a beautiful day here with clear blue skies, something compelled me to start thinking about lightning.

I look at it from time to time because it’s clearly spectacular. I thought I’d give a Tucson monsoon scene a go myself, armed only with a black Prismacolor approximately 4.5 cm long. (To be fair, it was more like 5.5 cm before I started.) If the modeling looks a bit weird to you, that is because it was all my feeble brain could figure out without any visual assistance.

I didn’t even get into worrying about rain. Rain would have overloaded my processor. .

I was having trouble figuring out how exactly a night scene brightly lit by lightning would look. Since it only lasts a fraction of a second, I’ve never had the chance to note any details.


snowy painting
The Chinese street market

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