Square Dance Lettering

Since many guests at our wedding were coming from afar and would be in town the night before our wedding, we decided to host a square dance so that everyone could get together and make a fool of themselves. It turned out to be a fantastic ice breaker, with grandmas dancing with college friends, cousins dancing with in-laws, and everyone mingling quite merrily.

I created this flyer for the event and included it with the invitations. I knew from the start I wanted to call the event the “Shindig” because the word is so doggone fun to say, but as it turns out it was pretty accurate as well, as the definition is “a large lively party, especially with dancing.” The lettering was drawn in pencil, inked and scanned, and finished in Illustrator. The background texture is created with a watercolor wash layered over another color and inverted.


An Autumn Stroll

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