We’ve now had about a week’s worth of weather around the 65-70 degree range, and suddenly the bare branches and cold ground is exploding with greenery and flowers. The whole population of Berlin seems to be outside, lounging in the parks and sometimes literally singing and dancing. At first glance at a street of restaurants and cafes, it looks as though the population has quadrupled, but in reality all the stores have turned inside-out: empty inside, with everyone is sitting out on the street trying to absorb as much sunlight as possible.

Last Friday I took a walk in a new area, a stop on the train called “Treptower Park.” The park stretches along the banks of the Spree River, where cheerful little houseboats are docked and small snack stands offer everything from the classic beer-and-wurst to Thai snacks.

Further down the strand is the bird-buffet, where the feathered residents congregate in anticipation of snacks from the humans (who never tire of giving them out.)

The duck pictured below didn’t join in the food-frenzy. Instead he stood politely and let everyone photograph him. I think he liked it. I heard lots of ooh-ing and ahh-ing about how pretty he was. His mate was alongside, but she was not nearly as flashy and didn’t bother to turn around for the camera, which is why she isn’t pictured here.

I took gobs of spring photos, giddy as I was about the warm weather. Here you go: proof that the winter is over!

Schlachten See
The little orange VW down the street

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