Ski-town Sketches

I managed to squeeze in a few sketches during a weekend of “snowboarding” (i.e. “falling on my face”) which I thought I might share. I’d never been to Crested Butte before, and was surprised at how quaint and unassuming the town is compared with other Colorado ski villages. The immense snowbanks swallowing the city were beginning to melt and buildings were starting to emerge from a winter’s worth of snow.

Buried in Snow at Crested Butte

I crouched in an alleyway to draw this. I have found that I cannot draw very well unless I have something to support the sketchbook. (Something that is not my left hand.) So, I will crouch down and use my knee. I suspect that bicycle hasn’t moved in quite some time.

A view of the so-called "Butte"

Illustration Friday: "Journey"
The book... a Sneak Preview

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