sketchbook elephants

I’m currently working on an illustration that involves drawing an elephant head. Even though the final is going to need to be cartoony, I like to start by getting familiar with the anatomy of the creature I’m dealing with. Plus elephants are fun to draw. They’re just so wonderfully wrinkly.

(These elephants were drawn from reference photos that I did not take, so please bear that in mind while viewing. They’re meant for practice only.)


I remember the first time I fed an elephant, in India in 2007. She was an elephant who worked for the government, hauling trees in the forest. It was amazing to see her eat cauliflower in a single bite and crunch on sugar cane as though it were a green bean. There was a deep intelligence behind her brown eyes. When she looked at me, it made me wonder what she was thinking.

The Magician (Illustration Friday: "Propagate")

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