Singles Awareness Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! This watercolor valentine goes out to all of the socially awkward engineering students I see at work every day. (Although they don’t generally wear tweed coats and bow ties.)

Really he looks more like a hipster than a nerd.

An Autumn Stroll
SCBWI New York Scrapbook


  1. by julie rowan zoch on February 14, 2013  3:05 pm Reply

    Maybe they don't dress like that, but I've seen those eyes!

    • by Jess on February 14, 2013  3:09 pm Reply

      He's doing pretty well... at least he's not looking at his feet! :)

  2. by Lisa Anchin on February 15, 2013  9:57 am Reply

    I LOVE him. More mice should wear bow ties. (More dudes in general, for that matter.)

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