Schlachten See

I’m getting behind in my posts, but I will try to catch up a bit…

Here are some photos from our trip to Schlachten See, a small lake on the southwest side of Berlin. There is a large forested area over there, with dozens of lakes, some of them quite large. I think you could spend weeks exploring with a bicycle.

We brought along a picnic, and before long attracted the attention of a nice pair of Mallards. I suspect we were not the first people to throw them some bread crumbs. The drake was very polite and let his mate eat all she wanted, while he defended her from other birds. At one point a coot tried to get some bread, and he swam over and bit it. Here you see the coot leaving in a hurry:

Since this is rapidly becoming a blog about ducks, I might as well post this picture too. This guy certainly had a lot to say to his mate. She doesn’t seem too impressed:

The lakes are only slightly more wild than your average city park, so there’s not much hiking to be done. There are lots of joggers, however. Eventually we wrapped up our picknick stuff, said goodbye to the ducks and followed the lake to its end, where we found a sort of lodge with a biergarten and lots of people lounging in the sun, drinking it all in.

proof of the spring explosion...

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