SCBWI LA Conference 2010

Hello everyone! I’m back after an eventful voyage to the city of angels for the 2010 summer conference of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. I was planning to write some blog posts while I was there, but I was having far too much fun and just couldn’t be bothered. But I did take a couple of pictures with my phone. That’s all I’ve got. Sorry.

First, the venue:

Hotel at SCBWI LA conference, 2010

How’s that for some crazy perspective? It almost makes me want to spend a feverish evening attempting to draw it.

Imagine a gigantic, football field-sized conference room with no windows, situated two floors below the street level. Inside, 1200 writers, illustrators, editors, agents, publishers, translators and other miscellaneous folks sat attentively, absorbing speeches and presentations from some of the most talented writers and illustrators in the business. Fortunately they broke up the schedule a bit with some smaller sessions where we could stretch our legs a little. There may have been a lot of us, but we were all conveniently labeled, as you can see in the (dorky) (and blurry) picture below:

Ashley Bryan and Jessica Lanan pose for a feeble camera phone

That’s me posing with Ashley Bryan, illustrious illustrator of over 30 books, storyteller extraordinaire, and a fine player of the recorder. You have not lived until you have heard him recite poetry.

Clearly, my camera phone was not up to the task of indoor photography, so I had to go outside again in order to have enough pictures for my blog post.  Here, through the trees, you can see the “Avenue of the Stars,” where my portfolio ended up the night before the portfolio showcase. (This is not where it was supposed to be.)

I can now recommend from experience that you should remind yourself of the value of an object before you set it “just for a minute” on the top of your car.

Century City, Los Angeles

(I tried to make this look forest-y instead of city-y. Did it work?)

I did get the folio back thanks to a wonderful lady named Jean who scooped it up off the pavement and gave me a call. If you’re out there Jean, thanks again! You’re totally my hero. The portfolio showcase was a success, and I had a fantastic time looking through all the great artwork.

Inevitably the time came to go home. A little sad, but probably fortuitous considering the cost of a sandwich around this area.

Now, with all the new inspiration, it’s back to the drawing board…

An airplane parked at the gate in the morning sun. Shiny!

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  1. by Jean Albright on March 21, 2011  6:59 pm Reply

    I just found your entry from last year -- I'm glad I was a hero to you just by picking up your portfolio. Your work is fantastic and I love the fact that I can follow you online and see where you'll be published. You have a wonderful gift.

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