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Here’s a scene from beneath one of the many underpasses along the Boulder Creek Path, on my way home from the Farmer’s Market this morning. Thanks to underpasses like these and an extensive network of trails, I can cross the entire city without ever once crossing a street or interacting with a car. Despite the peaceful appearance, there was some sort of equipment on the street above that was making an terrible racket.

Watercolor painting of creek and underpass along Boulder Creek Path

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  1. by Maureen Lanan on April 24, 2012  5:11 am Reply

    Thanks Jess! Feels like I'm right there too.

    Am doing well. Traveled to Maine this weekend with Quakers. We hung out at a Quaker church build in the early 1800's. They recently started renting half the space to an Episcopal group. Makes a Quaklican space complete with an organ, piano, table for little Friends with crayons, scissors and paper, chairs, pews and an alter.

    After talking with Friends from tiny communities in downeast Maine about money, we had a potluck and played music till we got tired. Great fun. We then stayed with a really engaging woman who also had a hot tub. All us middle-aged/ early old age Quaker women had us a road trip. I even got a few black fly bites!

    Glad you are able to live in such a humane place! All the best, Maureen

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