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I’ve recently returned from an inspiring few weeks in New Zealand and have struggled to choose just a few photos to sum up the experience, so this post is going to be a little picture-heavy. The little country makes the word “scenic” woefully inadequate for describing the splendor of the landscape. Our trip took us through a wide range of environments, most of which were, by Colorado standards, extremely green.

Kea and forest near Milford Sound, New Zealand

The bird above is a Kea, the intelligent alpine parrot notorious for trying to steal lunches and for nibbling on rubber car accessories. I photographed the bird while it was sitting complacently on the top of our rental car, hoping for us to bring out the snacks.

There were also plenty of gorgeous alpine vistas to admire, like this one…

…and this one.

What trip to New Zealand would be complete without mention of sheep? It was spring, of course, so there were plenty of lambs around. The strange rocks in the picture below are left behind by an ancient volcano.

Scenes along the Otago Penninsula, New Zealand

Since it is a volcanic land, there were plenty of active volcanoes and bubbling pits of alarmingly colored water to admire.

All in all, I thoroughly recommend visiting!

Mountains near Paradise, New Zealand



British Library on Flickr Commons
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