Mmmm…. Lobster…

Through this state research, I’ve discovered that there are quite a few states claiming the same state symbols. The moose is one of the popular ones. I perhaps should have saved it for Alaska, since (according to my Alaskan cousin)  you can hardly go anywhere without spotting one. Too late! Maine already has her moose. Alaska will have to be satisfied with grizzly bears instead.

When looking for images of the Portland Head Lighthouse I found hundreds of images all taken from the same angle. There must be a scenic overlook there or something. That meant I didn’t have to find a single image to use as reference–I could come up with my own personal version of the popular scene. The fun thing about being an illustrator is that you don’t need the lighting or weather to be just so–you can make it however you want it to be!


  • This work was created for Mocavo, inc, which holds all rights to the image and has generously allowed me to post for non-commercial promotional purposes only.
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