Lettering for 2014

Happy New Year, dear readers! May this year bring wonderful things to you all. This year I resolve to not make any New Year Resolutions, because I never manage to keep them anyway, and they fall by the wayside in about mid-February. I am hoping that if I just call them “goals” it won’t seem weird when I inevitably have to start them back up in March.

Maybe I’m over-thinking this.

Anyway, enjoy this festive New Year lettering! I hand-drew this with pencil on hot-pressed paper and painted it with watercolor for extra pizazz. Unfortunately I had a *little* too much coffee beforehand and it turned out to be a challenge to draw the little details with shaking hands. Maybe I’ll make a resolution goal to drink less coffee. But that one probably wouldn’t last a week, so why bother?

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Happy Holidays, Boulder Style

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