Just Right: Searching for the Goldilocks Planet

Just Right: Searching for the Goldilocks Planet by Curtis Manley illustrated by Jessica Lanan

Just Right: Searching for the
Goldilocks Planet
By Curtis Manley
Illustrated by Jessica Lanan
January 2019, Roaring Brook Press

Do you wonder if humans are the only beings who wonder if they are alone in the universe?

Our sun is a star. In the night sky are all kinds of stars, and orbiting those stars are planets like the ones in our own solar system.

Could those planets have life like we do on Earth?

Planet Earth is not too big, not too small, not too hot, and not too cold. It’s just right. Our very own Goldilocks planet . . . .

Follow a young girl as she explores these questions in this gorgeous book about the wondrous search for another Goldilocks planet.

A Junior Library Guild Selection

Richly informative prose and intimate yet expansive art show a child’s contagious enthusiasm for the book’s subject.” —Publishers Weekly

Woven through the text are the twin narratives of the girl and her family’s visit to the planetarium and its “Searching for Exoplanets” exhibition. The illustrations, suffused with glowing light, are dynamically varied, including a colorful double-page spread of the Milky Way galaxy, panels carrying information, fanciful visions of other worlds, and an all-black spread with just one stark sentence in white: “Or maybe it’s like nothing we can even imagine.” Lanan effectively balances the girl’s visual narrative with the heavier scientific exposition of the text. […] An attractive and informative volume for young stargazers. – Kirkus


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