I’m on my Own Bookshelf

On my own bookshelf... how did this happen?

I’ll have to admit, I was pretty excited when I opened the package from Shen’s containing 20 copies of the book. It’s been the better part of a year since the project began, and the final product is the culmination of many hours of thinking, researching, doodling, sketching, and of course painting. I spent most of my work day today just showing it off to co-workers, which was probably not the best use of my employer’s time, but hey, how often do you publish a book? I nestled it in with my other books on my bookshelf. I took photos of it. I put it on my desk. I read it about sixteen times. Good thing it’s only 32 pages.

SCBWI Summer Conference 2011
Illustration Friday: "Journey"

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