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EDIT: Okay, this is not the best painting in the world. The perspective is wonky, the anatomy is odd, and the value organization is rather weak. The critic in me wants to erase it from the internet. HOWEVER, this is consistently one of the most popular pieces I’ve ever posted. You wouldn’t believe how many people have written to me asking if they can print it out and put it on their break room refrigerators. So it stays.

This one goes out to all those who hate to clean out the refrigerator. (Like me.)

Refrigerator monster

Here’s a sketch of the mold monster that I came up with first. It was smaller and cuter then:

What I've Been Doing
The Birds


  1. by Edwin McRae on June 28, 2010  5:43 pm Reply

    Hi Jessica. Beautiful work! I hope you don't mind but I've borrowed your mold monster in the fridge to accompany a horror short story called Mossy on my website (www.edwinmcrae.com). I've linked it to your site and credited you (of course). Don't hesitate to let me know if this is a problem (I'll take it down if you wish).

    • by Jess on June 28, 2010  7:13 pm Reply

      My mold monster would undoubtedly be delighted to accompany your "Mossy" tale! :)

  2. by scott on July 26, 2011  8:02 pm Reply

    Would you mind if I printed this out and stuck it on the fridge at work to remind people to clean the damn thing once in a while?

    • by Jess on August 11, 2011  10:57 pm Reply

      Not at all! I should probably put it on my fridge too...

  3. by Arachne on August 2, 2011  9:13 pm Reply

    Haha, love it. I got directed here from TV Tropes because this image is the header for the entry "It Came From The Fridge".

  4. by Andrew on February 16, 2012  10:36 pm Reply

    In Soviet Russia, leftovers eat YOU!

  5. by Jen on December 21, 2012  8:11 am Reply

    I just emailed this picture out to my co-workers to remind them to throw away their food before the long holiday break. Thanks! :)

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