Historical Dress from Korea

In the name of research I’ve begun watching the Korean drama “A Jewel in the Palace,” a.k.a. “Dae Jang Geum.” This is strictly research, I swear. It’s not, you know, the super engaging plot or characters or anything like that.

I am managing to get some nice references to Chosun dynasty attire. From what I can tell, the garment worn on top is called a Jeogori. It is worn with a long skirt called a Chima, tied just above the breasts.

watercolor study of a Korean woman in Chosun dynasty attire, from reference photo

It’s been fascinating to get a glimpse of the historical traditions of this culture, which I previously knew next to nothing about. The best part, aside from the interesting hairstyles, are the wacky hats worn by the men. These deserve an entire post of their own.

The book... a Sneak Preview
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