Happy Holidays!

Just in time for the first day of winter, we received about 16 inches of snow at my house over the past day. It started out innocently enough; the cheerful white flakes were sprinkling merrily down, making Pearl Street look terribly photogenic. In the morning I woke to a house full soft light and a text message from the university chancellor stating: “campus closed today due to snow.” A Christmas present from Colorado! And since tomorrow is a staff holiday as well, I think this is the perfect time to post a little painting to commemorate the season.

watercolor illustration of a snowy winter tree by children's book illustrator Jessica LananJust to prove that I’m not kidding about the huge amount of snow, here is a picture from my walk to the grocery store this morning:

Children's book illustrator Jessica Lanan wishing you a warm winter!

Happy holidays everyone! I hope that the season is full of fun and laughter and joy and all those wonderful things that you read in greeting cards.


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