Drawing in Airports

When I’m sitting in airport purgatory at terminal B, waiting for the boarding announcement, one of my favorite activities to pass the time is to draw the other passengers. It’s the perfect venue for it because they’re either too exhausted or too bored to notice that I’m staring at them. Here are some from my most recent travels:

Sketch of waiting passengers by children's book illustrator Jessica Lanan

The teenager below was fun to draw. He looked soooo bored. (I understood. After all, our departure had already been delayed for several hours at this point and there was still no real estimate of when the airplane’s “broken bathroom” would be finally repaired.) And I kind of like how this dual sketch turned out, with the woman’s torso hovering on the right like some terrifying giant.

sketch of a boy and woman waiting for a plane by children's book illustrator Jessica Lanan

This man was taking advantage of an airport pub, and looked much more cheerful about things:

Sketch of a man with a hat in an airport pub by children's book illustrator Jessica Lanan

There are more where these came from but I’ll leave it at that!

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