Jessica Lanan
Cover image of picture book 'I'm a Black Hole' by Eve M. Vavagiakis and illustrated by Jessica Lanan showing a bright ring of light around a black void with a spaceship flying toward it, with stars all around.

I'm a Black Hole

Written by Dr. Eve M Vavagiakis

Illustrated by Jessica Lanan
Candlewick/MIT Press, 03.19.2024
ISBN: 9781536222081

Meet the Universe

Lurking at the center of our galaxy and in the farthest reaches of space are black holes. Once unseeable and unknowable, these cosmic devourers—sometimes born from the death of stars—swallow even light itself.

What exactly is a black hole? And how do we even know they exist? In a kid-friendly, rhyming narration, the elusive astronomical object introduces itself as both a behemoth star-eater and a shy, rarely-spotted phenomena. Physicist Eve M. Vavagiakis’s approachable text is paired with Jessica Lanan’s imaginative depictions of a young astronaut venturing where no human has gone before, along with stunning renderings of our fascinating narrator and the final frontier.

Endnotes expand, spread by spread, on the fascinating science behind black holes and the cutting-edge experiments used to study them. This second entry in the Meet the Universe series will light readers’ curiosity and have them racing to discover more secrets hidden among the stars.

Journey to the event horizon in this playful, mind-bending introduction to one of our universe’s most mysterious marvels—narrated by a black hole itself.

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