…And it’s Done

The art for The Story I’ll Tell is finally done (!) and entrusted to the capable hands of the Postal Service, en route to Lee & Low books. I had an exhausting April because I insisted on re-painting several pages that I had already finished in order to improve them. (Changes, in watercolor world, often mean re-doing the whole thing.) Eventually, though, I had to call it quits and just send it off.


Apparently the kitten wishes to be shipped as well.

I can’t wait to see how it will look when it’s all done. So far I’ve seen a preview of the jacket design and couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. Soon… soon.

I may not have any art to show you now, but at least I have some fun photos!

First off, the studio. Here’s where the magic happens. I can move the drawing board aside to make way for the computer as needed. The board on the wall (far left) is blank now, but it usually holds the book’s latest thumbnails so I can see the whole project at a glance. I update the bulletin boards often for inspiration and reference. The large format scanner is a brand new addition. I feel so professional. (Compare this to my studio setup five years ago, which involved a travel watercolor set, a folding camping table, and a hand-me-down PowerBook from 2002. There was no scanner whatsoever; I took photos of my paintings back then with a digital camera that was probably also from 2002.)


The studio, looking tidier than usual.

Now, if you open up one of those tidy-looking flat file drawers, you might see the following.They don’t look like much and most of them end up in the reject pile, but these thumbnails are where it all starts. I love to draw these while sitting at a cafe. It makes me feel like such an artsy freelancer.


Too many to fit in the frame.

I make my own dummies at various stages of the process to see how it’s flowing with the page turn.


The cat finds the dummies amusing.

This is just a taste of the process. More info about the project should be available soon. I’ll keep ya posted.

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