About Me

gliderI grew up in Colorado, where I developed a deep love and respect for our natural world. My dad was a hang-glider pilot, and I spent a lot of time in the mountains, camping, hanging out on the launch site, or bumping along in our beat-up 4-Runner, tracking him down. To this day I’m still more comfortable in a campsite than a city, and I draw on the nature around me as a source of endless inspiration. My greatest goal is to help to inspire others to see the beauty of our world and to understand the importance of protecting it.

Drawing and writing stories were two of my favorite childhood activities.  I created my first picture book at age eight, a pop-up book entitled “Skeleton Dog.” A year later I tried out nonfiction with a book about owls.

I attended Scripps College where I tortured myself with Japanese classes and somehow earned a BA in sculpture by constructing huge fiberglass monsters. (One is still lurking on my parents’ front porch, menacing the Fedex guy.)

colorsAfter graduation I took off on a Thomas J Watson Fellowship. I traveled solo through Asia for a year and researched folk tales. I sang karaoke in Kagoshima and ate Khao Soi in Chiang Mai. I traversed the Himalayan foothills by donkey and sipped chai under an Indian sky as local musicians played their Ragas long into the night. I brought along a travel watercolor set and some sketchbooks and thus inadvertently began my illustration career.


I live with a three-legged cat some two-legged humans in rapidly gentrifying Boulder, Colorado, but sometimes I wish I lived in the country where you can hear owls hooting and see the Milky Way at night.

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