A Show and a Signing

Hi there! I’ve been a negligent blogger lately, but in my absence I did manage to pull together a show of originals, prints, and books, which opened on Sunday. It will be up all November. And without further ado, some pictures:

Children's book illustrator Jessica Lanan's November 2011 watercolor show at the Longmont UCC

The show is in a gallery space attached to a local church, so the Sunday opening time maximized on the after-church crowd. It was fantastic to meet so many new faces and see so many kids! (Oddly enough, I don’t see very many kids in my daily life. My friends need to get busy procreating already. Sheesh.) The highlight was one boy who just had to have this one as his birthday present. SO sweet!

A crowd of visitors at children's book illustrator Jessica Lanan's art show and book signing at the Longmont UCCAmong the kids in attendance was Macy, who was my awesome model for Ji-Su in the book. (Macy got a free copy, of course! Here I am signing it for her.)

Children's book illustrator Jessica Lanan signing a copy of Good Fortune at her November art openingIt is always entertaining and enlightening to find out which pictures are people’s favorites. The snowy scene from Good Fortune was the most popular print. Who would have guessed? Many people also seemed to enjoy the storyboard and sketches I displayed, since the process is something that is usually left out of shows. All in all, I’d say the day was a success!

Happy Holidays!
Drawing in Airports

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